Sea Slug Conflicts
Beginning End
Non-specific events, late Fourth Age 169, Fifth Age
Throughout Gielinor, although centred around what is now Witchaven
Death of Mother Mallum
Temple and White Knight Crusade
Sea Slugs Many forces, primarily Temple Knights
Mother Mallum Saradomin
Unknown, but high Unknown, but very high
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The Sea Slug Conflicts are a series of ongoing wars waged by Mother Mallum, a Sea Slug of unknown origins, and a variety of forces, most prominently the Temple Knights. The conflicts began some time in the late Fourth Age (or, more unlikely, the early fifth) and reached a stalemate with the incarceration of the Mother Mallum, but resumed in year 169 of the Fifth Age, a few centuries later.

The majority of the Sea Slug Conflicts took place when Mother Mallum first emerged from the sea. She used her forces to corrupt and control the important political figures of the world. The goal ultimately seems to have been nothing short of complete world-domination. After being sealed within an underground cave network by the Temple Knights and White Knights, Mallum and her forces fell into a deep hibernation.

In 169 of the Fifth Age, Mallum's bizarre species of slug re-emerged in the Southern Sea, taking the Kandarin Fishing Platform with no resistance. They moved on to Witchaven, near East Ardougne, and Mother Mallum herself was released from prison, but lost a Slug Prince. She attempted to resume her plans, but was ultimately defeated by a special squad of Temple Knight allies in the Slug Citadel.

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