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The Sea Slug quest series is a series of quests centring around Mother Mallum's plans to conquer Gielinor with her army of Sea slugs.


Sea Slug

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Caroline's son and husband are missing. The Fishing Platform is infested with Sea slugs, and the player needs to extract Kennith from the platform and discover Kent marooned on an island.

The Slug Menace

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Sir Tiffy Cashien enlists the player to investigate the strange occurrences in Witchaven, with the help of Savant and Col. Jake O'Niall. The player finds out about an old shrine underneath Witchaven, and attempts to open using special runes from Brother Maledict's special book. The player kills the slug prince but unfortunately releasing Mother Mallum as the slugs have planned. Mayor Hobb, Brother Maledict, and Col. Jake O'Niall have been permanently possessed by slugs and flee at the end of the quest and the White Knights are ordered to kill them on sight.

Kennith's Concerns

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Kennith, an unusual Witchaven boy, has enslaved the parents of Kimberly, a fellow villager, because she lost his toy train, forcing the player through the maze of the Witchaven mines where slug controlled citizens stand guard. In the end, you recover the toy train, which Kennith thanks as a heroic deed.

Salt in the Wound

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Kennith, now fully grown up at an unusual pace, enlists your help, along with Ezekial Lovecraft and Eva, Sir Tiffy Cashien's niece, in defeating Mother Mallum. Beginning by finding the seeker of truth in Daemonheim, you manage to gain access to the Slug Citadel. Navigating the citadel, you're confronted by Mother Mallum, who attempts to convert the player, but is killed when the pillar behind her is toppled. The human host, Lucy, was apparently a young girl captured by Mother Mallum long ago, but dies shortly after her release.

Main locations

These are the main locations that are visited during the quest series:


  • When doing the quest Rum Deal, to make the 'rum', you are required to fish sea slugs as they are an ingredient in it. Your character will make a reference to these quests if you have completed any of them.