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Sea salt is a resource that can be mined from the backs of salty crabletines on Cyclosis and salty crablets on Uncharted isles within the Arc region of the Wushanko Isles. Mining the salt deposits requires levels 90 and 91 Mining, and provides 455.5 and 507.5 Mining experience respectively. 30 sea salt (or alaea sea salt) is required to complete Eye for an Eye.

Sea salts are sought after for their use in preparing arc gumbos, but may be sold to the Salty Goods shop of Waiko for 4 chimes each; purchased back for 42 chimes each.


Sea salt Sea salt
Mining level Mining 90
Source Salty crabletine
Experience (per ore)
Mining 455.5 XP
Equipment 53.749 XP
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Sea salt Sea salt
Mining level Mining 91
Source Salty crablet
Experience (per ore)
Mining 507.5 XP
Equipment 59.885 XP
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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Salty bakamiN/A2–9Always
Salty bakami jarN/A2–9Always
Cyclops (Cyclosis)N/A1Uncommon

Store locations

Salty Goods
Merchant Yi Yan
Island Waiko
Price sold at 42
Prices bought at
Base value 4
First upgrade 4
Second upgrade 5
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Level Initial resource Value[1] Energy Result Profit Experience
Divination 94 10 × Sea salt 50 5 × Ancestral energy 10 × Alaea sea salt 0 220 Divination
Divination 96 20 × Alaea sea salt 120 20 × Ancestral energy 10 × Wobbegong oil -20 232 Divination
  1. ^ Assumes highest sell-to-store value
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