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Sealed clue scrolls are stackable items containing clue scrolls. When a sealed clue scroll is opened, it will give the player an active clue scroll which can then be completed, rewarding the player with a casket of the appropriate level. They can be obtained when training Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, or Divination, from most standard skilling activities.

Sealed clue scrolls come in five different levels (with corresponding reward caskets between brackets):

The tier of the sealed clue scroll that players receive is weighted based on the required level of the activity, with elites appearing at level 60 training methods and higher. There is always a 1% chance for a sealed clue scroll (elite) to upgrade to a sealed clue scroll (master), which can be upgraded to a 2% chance if using the invention perk Prosper.

Sealed clue scrolls have a soft cap of 25 per tier, meaning players can obtain up to 25 of each tier, and players will not receive any more unless it is from a guaranteed source (for example, skeletal horror). This cap includes both sealed clues as well as active clues. If a player reaches this cap, and wears a luck ring when rolling for (and missing out on) a clue scroll drop, the associated luck ring message will still be displayed.

In the Gameplay settings (under "Minigame Settings"), players can toggle what clue scrolls they would like to receive from skilling or monster drops, and whether or not they would like to see loot beams for clue scrolls. Again, guaranteed clue sources bypass this.

Players can trade down active and new clue scrolls of a higher tier to a lower tier by swapping them with Zaida. This will clear any active progress on the clue when applicable.