The seasinger can occasionally appear at the Deep Sea Fishing hub. Similar to the historical random events, the seasinger will only focus on a certain player. The player can choose to listen to her voice by left-clicking her. This will grant the player with Fishing experience (example: at Level 99 Fishing, "You are rewarded for listening to the seasinger - You are granted 1,940 Fishing XP.") The Fishing XP is only granted after the seasinger leaves the deep sea fishing dock, not at the moment you click on the seasinger to listen to her song "You listen to the seasinger's song".

The Seasinger may spawn in not directly next to the player, requiring them to pay attention to their surroundings. Once spawned, the player has a small amount of time to interact with her, and will de-spawn if not interacted with fast enough. Her dialogue does not appear within the chat window, and only floats above her head.

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