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Seasinger Umi is an ambitious siren found in the Player-owned Port, to the east of the portal. She is training to become an experienced seasinger, able to control the seas and the creatures that live within it. She plans one day to work for a khan, guide his ships, and sleep in his palace. She has a job as a sweeper to earn her keep until then.

She has a twin sister, Seasinger Jemi.

Helping Hand

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Umi introduces herself
Main article: Helping Hand

A random event may occur as a ship returns from a voyage in the Player-owned port; one of the possible random events that may be available is Helping Hand, which is managed by Seasinger Umi. In this minigame, you are tasked with taking control of her to help her find specific hidden items that are found around the storehouse of your port, within crates or barrels on the first floor of the lodge. You will be given two or three items to find, with a description of each item, by the warehouse worker. There is no time limit, so you are advised to take your time to make sure that you find every item that you are asked to find.



  • Umi (海) means "sea" in Japanese.
  • When Umi searches a pile of crates which contain a rod, the description calls the rod good but not super, which is a reference to the Pokémon franchise as they contain the items Good Rod and Super Rod.
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