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Battle of the Salve
Morytania entrance
The blessed Salve near Paterdomus.
Zamorakian Insurrection
165 of the Fifth Age
Decisive defeat of Tenebra, exile of Gar'rth from Misthalin, restoration of the River Salve
Morytanian forces Misthalanian forces
Tenebra, Gar'rth (defected), Albertus Black King Roald, Lord Despaard, Captain Rovin, Duke Horacio, Lord Daquarius
Thousands of zombies, offspring of Tenebra, ravenous vampyres Varrock Guard, White Knight peons, Wizards' Tower emissaries, Kinshra knights, conscripts
All zombies north of the Salve, Tenebra Many
Previous battle
Battle of King Botolph's Tower
Next battle
Occupation of Paterdomus

The Battle of the Salve was the last major conflict in the Tenebra conflicts and took place near the River Salve in Morytania. It was the final attempt by Tenebra to seize the Misthalian throne for his son Gar'rth by weakening the River Salve so his army could cross.

Albertus Black, a vampyre in service to Tenebra, captured and sacrificed the last of seven children needed to break the protection of the Salve at the Paterdomus temple. When it broke, Tenebra and Gar'rth led an army of zombies on the temple, where King Roald had amassed his own army in order to prevent Tenebra getting through.

Partway through the battle, the Kinshra Lord Darquarius, Varrock Captain Hardinge, Castimir and Kara-Meir arrived with the rune essence needed to strengthen the Salve. This weakened Tenebra's control over his minions, so he called for Vanescula to send over the remaining forces. She refused, preferring to see him dead. Gar'rth and Kara-Meir, who had control of the blisterwood weapon the sunspear, used it to slay Tenebra. This led the zombies with no orders and were easily defeated by the remaining Misthalin forces.

For his part in defeating his father, Gar'rth was spared by Roald, who instead chose to exile him from Misthalin as to prevent him from being a figurehead for any popular uprisings against the king. Kara-Meir, Castimir and Theodore also left with Gar'rth, heading for Kandarin with the intent of rescuing Arisha, who had been taken prisoner by the Untainted and was being taken to Rellekka to stand trial for theft.

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