For the Customer Support Week guard, see Security Guard (CS Week).
Security Guard chathead

The Security Guard used to be a random event. If a player has their recovery questions set, the guard gives them a security book, another reward, and recommendation to come to the Stronghold of Security.

Since the random event update the Security Guard travels around random places, such as the Grand Exchange or Armadyl's Tower, and hands out free security books to anyone talking to him. He will teleport to other places a few minutes after being talked to. When he leaves, he will say, "Well, I best be off!", or "Ah, time I was off now, bye!"

If players spoke to him he gave players a security book and any of the following rewards:

Random event

The guard could also be attacked and killed, though had no combat level. Despite his maximum hit of 2 (equivalent to 20 life points), he had extremely high Attack, Defence and a total of 250 Hitpoints (equivalent to 2500 life points). The damage done to him only gave you a quarter of an experience point per damage (10 LP) done. If it took too long to kill him, he eventually disappeared. If a player did decide to fight him, he was weak to stab attacks, ranged and magic. Additionally, if you teleported away he would say 'He/She got away!' before disappearing. If the player managed to kill him, he would only drop bones.

If the player already possessed a security book in their inventory, the NPC would not provide another one.


  • Despite advertising the Stronghold of Security, he still appeared when you actually are in the Stronghold.
  • Before the random event update, his chathead was not changed with most other NPC's. Afterwards, it was.
  • His default option was "Attack", which proved annoying for players who genuinely wanted to talk to him to get rid of him.
  • He resides at the jail on the upper floor near Port Sarim.
  • If you have no inventory space, you will say, "I don't have space to take anything from you at the moment."
  • When the random event was first released it was possible for any player to attack and kill someone else's security guard event, this was later fixed by Jagex.
  • When he was first released, if the player had no inventory space, the security book would be dropped on the ground.
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