This article is about the Dungeoneering monster. For the slayer monster, see Seeker.
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Seeker icon

The Seeker is a Slayer monster and Stalker found in Daemonheim; 71 Slayer is required to harm the Seeker. It is the only monster to drop the seeker's charm. It mainly attacks everyone in range with a magic attack in the shape of a green orb, though it is very inaccurate. It is often mistaken for a Soulgazer; which has a combat of 128 and is a completely different slayer monster that requires level 99 Slayer to kill. However, the Seeker doesn't have spikes like the Soulgazer, which is a good way to tell the two Stalker monsters apart.

Seeker green orb

The seeker using its magic attack.


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
BonesBones1AlwaysNot sold

Monster-specific drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Seeker's charm (Dungeoneering)Seeker's charm (Dungeoneering)1RareNot sold

Other drops

Quantities and rarities are random. Dropped food will usually be the second best you can fish and cook and drops in general will become less generous as you progress.
Torn bags
Non-members can receive torn bags as well, although they can only sell or alchemise them.


As of 19 April 2012, Slayer monster frequency in Dungeons has been increased by nearly double, making an encounter with Seekers a far more common occurrence on attempted floors than they previously were.

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