Players will sometimes deplete their life points for the purpose of either intentionally dying or increasing the effect of Dharok's special. The most obvious way of depleting one's health is fighting monsters; however, many players use safer, controlled, faster, and more effective methods of depleting health, most of which can be done anywhere on RuneScape.

These methods include:

Method LP lost
Eating a rock cake 500
Lighting a Strange object (from The Fremennik Trials) 20%
Drinking a Zamorak brew 12%
Drinking a Super zamorak brew 20 +8%
Dropping Unidentified liquid 250
Dropping nitroglycerin 350
Dropping a chemical compound 650
Going into a dark cave without a lit light source small damage every 1-2 seconds
Eating nightshade (from the Watchtower quest) 100
Continually picking nettles without protective gloves 10-19
Attempting to take wax or honey from the beehives in Catherby without using insect repellent 20
Drinking a poison chalice from Stankers Heal up to 490 or damage up to 600
Repetitively clicking a Kharidian scorpion 30
Repetitively clicking the Wine of Zamorak 30 + 5%
Repetitively clicking a Sea slug on the Fishing Platform
Eating a poison karambwan
Stand on the fiery coals below the temple on Ape Atoll
Praying to the Amascut Altar (From Missing My Mummy) 30-120
Using Toxic naphtha on a fire.
Using Blood Tendrils.
Using Shadow Tendrils.
Using Smoke Tendrils.
Using Onslaught.


Sometimes players commit "suicide" as a way to regain lowered stats or remove the Skull status from them. One effective way of doing so for members with at least 57 Woodcutting is to use the free teleport to Lumbridge, put everything in the bank, cut a Waka canoe and ride it to the Wilderness, and go north-west to attack a Green dragon, which should provide a quick death. Alternatively, dying in a safe minigame or in the dungeon of one's Memory strand

In members world you can teleport to the fight cauldron, stand on the lava where your player can die. Alternatively, by using Memory strand to teleport to Memorial to Guthix site, you can bank and run north fighting airuts which deal very quick damage.

Safe activities do not require suicide to prevent losing any item when playing them. The skull is not removed when dying there but doing these activities may regain lowered stats.

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