Semolina-Go is a verbal spell used by Karamel, a pun on Kamil in the Recipe for Disaster quest, which is unavailable to the player.

The spell freezes the player and hits them 70 life points twice. Unlike Kamil, Karamel does move, thus it's best to use a long-ranged fire-based attack.


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It's suggested to use long-range attacks in order not to get frozen too much, making the fight much easier if Karamel is out of range.

Even though Karamel's melee attack hits high, it's very inaccurate.


  • It's possible that the words are from the ancient Zarosian language used in the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
  • The spell is a pun on Kamil's Sallamakar Ro.
  • "Semolina" is a type of wheat.
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