Senliten chathead

Senliten (pronounced "Sen-lit-en") the Pharaoh Queen once ruled the lands south of Al Kharid, now known as the Desert. She is summoned during the Missing My Mummy quest, where the player attempts to reunite the parts of her body and name that were separated during an embalming ritual or moved during the raids on her Mastaba ordered by Ali Morrisane.

Her true name is Senliten. Her name is mentioned in an inscription on a fake door in the Uzer Mastaba. The inscription reads The follower of the Sun, the servitor of Icthlarin, follower of the great ones, smiter of horrors. Senliten. Her full title is also given in the Mummy's name papyrus.

When she was between 3 or 4 years old, she was playing in the pine forests in eastern Kharidian, while being watched by an elderly servant. Being young and nimble, she managed to get away from her elderly watcher, heading into deep jungle. While there she almost got attacked by a Jackal but was saved by the Desert Monkeys who lived in the jungle, who scared the Jackal away. The monkeys then took her to the edge of the forest until her father's men found her. The elderly servant was then killed by being chained to a stake in the middle of the hotlands.

The player also fixes or replaces some of the furniture and items she was given in preparation for the afterlife, and repairs the altars to each of the Gods of the Desert Pantheon.

Once she is complete, she will talk about the history of the land she once ruled. She refers to her land as plains, heavily wooded and rich in game, suggesting the desert was not always a harsh and barren wasteland, much like the Wilderness. She also mentions Zaros by name, indicating an early Second Age origin, before he gained control of the Mahjarrat. Sometime after her death came the fall of her kingdom. She spent much of her rule fighting off her enemies from the north, but her land would eventually fall to the wrath of the gods.

Senliten mummy

Senliten's mummy in her sarcophagus.

She seems to take great pride in being the first Pharaoh to be buried in a Mastaba. During her rule, she gave birth to one son, Osmumten, a single heir who would ensure the continuation of both her realm and her bloodline. Her dialogue suggests that the player or Leela are also of the same bloodline.

She also gives further insight to the Desert Gods. She claims that Amascut and Scabaras were never as destructive as they now are, and talks about possible redemption. She then goes on to discuss the Stern Judges of Icthlarin and why Icthlarin chose them as his instruments upon Gielinor.

She also plays a vital role in The Curse of Arrav by teaching the player about the preservation of organs and body parts, thus foiling Zemouregal's plans at the Eighteenth Ritual and allowing Arrav to finally rest in peace.

She also features during the Crocodile Tears and Our Man in the North quest.



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