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Sera is a somewhat peevish, yet skilled firemaker and sworn rival of Ignatius Vulcan.[1]

During the quest The Firemaker's Curse, she continuously makes jabs at Ignatius, and later reveals that she was once his apprentice.[1] She accompanied her friends to investigate the cave south of Eagles' Peak lodestone in hopes of finding an undisclosed method of firemaking[2] in order to supersede Ignatius's title as the skill's master.[1]

After the completion of the quest, she rejoins the Circus with the remaining firemakers, and acts as a tutor for the fire poi activity.[3] She continues her pursuits to become a master firemaker, as she can be found with Emmett at events such as the Celebration of Fire, training groups of fire dancers, Fire Breathers and Poi Dancers.[4]




  • Sera was the winning character choice in a Guaranteed Content Poll.[5]


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