Serenity posts location

Serenity posts are an Agility training method located in the Hefin Clan district of Prifddinas. Access to this activity requires level 75 Agility and completion of the quest, Plague's End. While not an official Distraction and Diversion, this training activity can only be completed once per day, and progress is reset daily at 00:00 UTC.


Players can begin this training method by locating the posts found in the Hefin Clan district around Lady Hefin. Players can use the Prifddinas lodestone and travel north, or may use the Hefin teleport on the crystal teleport seed (or its attuned variant) and travel south. Players are required to stand on any of the six posts. Then they must choose one of four poses from the minigame interface. The four stances are: Bow, Crane, Lotus, and Ward.

Serenity posts interface

Available stances for the Serenity posts


Serenity posts

Players using Serenity posts with the "crane" position.

Experience will be gained using any of the four Tai Chi poses. The fastest experience is gained by matching the pose of Lady Hefin. Matching Lady Hefin's stance will award the player with between 30-58 Agility experience each second, depending on the player's Agility level. Using any other stance will award the player with a tenth of that experience per second. Up to 20,000 Agility experience can be gained per day from the serenity posts. A progress bar tracks how much experience has been gained. The poses used and the rate of experience gained does not affect the daily cap. Only base experience counts toward the daily limit. Any bonus experience (including clan avatar boosts and Seren boosts) will not be counted in the daily cap. Once the daily limit is achieved, the player will automatically hop off the post and will not be able to stand on any serenity post again until the next day.


Using full attention, players can match Lady Hefin's poses accurately and reach the daily 20,000 Agility experience in 10-15 minutes. Some players prefer to select one pose and wait until the cap is reached, regardless the rate of experience. This strategy takes much longer, usually 20-25 minutes, but can be the least click intensive Agility training in the game.

A few skilling actions can be performed while on serenity posts with only a minor interruption to Agility training (which occurs during the interfaces). Examples include grinding mud runes, but not fletching nor casting High Level Alchemy.

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