Sergeant Damien chathead

Sergeant Damien used to run the Drill Demon random event. He brings players to the middle of a large military training area.


Sergeant Damien abducted players and accused them of slacking in their physical training, forcing them to do a number of exercises before being released. He was a harsh soldier, insulting people who perform the incorrect tasks.

Sergeant Damien has since retired from his duties after the removal of Random events and resides in the circus of Balthazar Beauregard, helping out as a handyman as he and Balthazar were from the same unit during the war.

The remnants of his training area, most prominently the run-on-the-spot sign, can be found in the Mysterious Old Man's basement.


  • Sergeant Damien holds numerous awards and accolades:[1]
    • Demonic Medal of Combat
    • Underworld Medal
    • Bloodlines Achievement
    • Most Evil Demon-of-the-Year 2004 Award
    • Best Shopper 2001
    • He is also the record holder for most number of Star Jumps.
  • Some of his dialogue makes reference to the Drill Sergeant in the opening scenes of the 1987 movie Full Metal Jacket.
  • It can be implied from dialogue with Sergeant Damien that he fought during the God Wars, most likely for Zamorak.


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