A male player wearing the Serjeant set.

A female player wearing the Serjeant set.

Serjeant clothing are obtained from the Mobilising Armies minigame by spending reward points. They are just for looks and bragging rights and give no stat bonuses.

These can be bought with any rank from Serjeant Cole in the basement and will cost 210,300 reward points in all for the entire set (you only need one of the trousers or skirt, not both).

Players can store the full set in the Magic wardrobe of their Costume room.

Image Item Cost in points
Serjeant cap.png Serjeant cap 37,100
Serjeant top.png Serjeant top 49,500
Serjeant trousers.png Serjeant trousers 49,500
Serjeant skirt.png Serjeant skirt 49,500
Serjeant boots.png Serjeant boots 37,100
Serjeant gloves.png Serjeant gloves 37,100
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