Servants Guild

The Servants' Guild in Ardougne.

Servants' Guild location

The location of the servant's guild, north of the marketplace.

The Servants' Guild is a building located in the north of East Ardougne. At the Servants' Guild, players can hire servants for their player-owned house. At the head of the guild is the chief servant, who provides basic information about how to hire a servant and the various services that they can provide for a player. When players speak to the chief servant, he will tell them that the building is the Ardougne Domestic Service Agency.

Getting there

The best way to get to the guild is to cast Ardougne Teleport. From the market place walk north between the first two buildings. Behind them is the building with the guild. Players can also use a home teleport to Ardougne once the lodestone for Ardougne has been activated.

Hiring a servant

All five servants wander inside the building except for the servant that player has already hired. Before hiring any servant, the player must meet three requirements:

  • The player must have the required Construction level.
  • The player's house must have at least two bedrooms with beds constructed in each one. If one of the beds is removed, then the servant will not become present again until the bed is rebuilt and the player exits and re-enters the house.
  • The player must not have a servant already hired. To switch servants, the current servant must be fired by talking to them in the player-owned house before going to the Servants' Guild.


Servant Construction
(after Love Story)
Food served Sawmill Capacity Trip
Rick chathead Rick 20 500 coins
(375 coins)
Shrimps No 6 items 60s
Queen's Guard chathead Royal Guard 20 500 coins
(375 coins)
Shrimps No 6 items 60s
Maid chathead Maid 25 1,000 coins
(750 coins)
Stew No 10 items 30s
Cook (servant) chathead Cook 30 3,000 coins
(2,250 coins)
Pineapple pizza Yes 16 items 17s
Butler chathead Butler 40 5,000 coins
(3,750 coins)
Chocolate cake Yes 20 items 12s
Demon butler chathead Demon butler 50 10,000 coins
(7,500 coins)
Curry Yes 26 items 7s


  • This is the only guild players cannot join.
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