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Server-wide Announcements (also known as the News Feed or Broadcast Announcements) are a feature that allows certain news as well as player accomplishments to be displayed to all other players in the Chat box. Certain messages are only broadcast across the server on which the player is logged in while others are displayed across every server. Any achievement is displayed to the player's friends. Messages that are server specific are displayed in orange, worldwide messages in red, and messages to friends in green. Game announcements will appear in yellow. Jagex Moderators have the ability to send special global announcements.

Prior to the New Interface System, a player's achievements were only displayed to everyone if they had their private chat set to on; they were displayed to any friend so long as their private was not set to off. After NIS, these broadcasts cannot be turned off, and are still shown to other players even if both the private chat, online status and game announcements are set to off.

Players have the option to toggle these announcements on or off in their chatbox. Originally, achievements were filtered with the rest of the game messages; now, only the game announcements are filtered this way.

Game announcements

Game announcement.pngNews: Goblins are conducting a raid in the Lumbridge farm!

These announcements are game-related news which inform the player of an upcoming event. They are all server specific. Following an update, all announcements of this category may be filtered from being seen in a player's Doomsayer Warning Settings.[source needed]

Holiday related announcements (discontinued)

Broadcast announcements

Broadcast announcements are achievements regarding other players. They are handled separately from game announcements, being toggled on or off with their own button on the chat interface.

Global announcements

Achievement icon.pngNews: Player has been awarded the trimmed Completionist Cape!

These announcements will appear to everyone on all worlds across the game:

  • Achieving virtual level 120 in all skills
  • Achieving 99 in every skill
  • Achieving True skill mastery in Invention or Slayer
  • Earning 200 million experience in any skill
  • Earning 200 million experience in all skills (currently 5.4 billion total)
  • Earning the Completionist cape
  • Earning the Completionist cape (t)
  • Unlocking the Final Boss title
  • Unlocking the insane Final Boss title
  • The first player to achieve a solo Araxxor kill.
  • The first defeats of raid bosses and the first completion of raid feats, which lists the players involved in the raid.
  • When the first player defeated Telos, the Warden at each 100% enrage interval. The maximum of 4,000% enrage has been reached and no more announcements will be broadcasted.
  • Various firsts for Ironman accounts, including total level milestones and quest completions.
  • Dying and exhausting your final life on Hardcore Ironman mode with a total level of at least 1000, including what total level the player had when they died, and how they died. On 3 November 2014 update, the minimum level was increased from 500 to 750. It was increased again on 22 June 2015 to 1000.
Hardcore death icon.pngNews: HC Player just died in Hardcore Ironman mode with a skill total of 1337, fighting against: Chicken!

World achievements

World announcement.pngNews: Player has achieved 99 Attack

These announcements will appear to everyone who shares the player's world at the time. They will also appear to all of the player's friends regardless of what server they are on.

World announcement.pngNews: Player has been awarded the Veteran Cape (X Year)!
Treasure Trail rewards
These rewards can also be obtained from the Giant Oyster, prompting a similar announcement.
These are broadcasted upon completing the boss collection log for their respective boss.
World announcement.pngNews: Player has accomplished the 'Blackout' feat!

The two Feats below are not part of the Boss collection log, they are achieved by killing Telos at certain enrage intervals.

Achievements that will only appear to friends

Friend announcement.pngNews: Player has just achieved at least level 10 in all skills!

These announcements will only appear to the player's friends even if their private is set to off. If the player sending the broadcast has their private status set to off, the broadcast will instead appear to them and only them. This differs from having private on in the sense that the broadcast will not appear in the sending player's chat box and only to receiving friends:

  • Achieving all skills above a milestone in increments of 10; e.g. all skills above 50
  • Unlocking the of Daemonheim title from Dungeoneering hard mode
  • Unlocking the Defeater title from Vorago hard mode
  • Unlocking the Daredevil title from Liberation of Mazcab
  • Unlocking the Warden title from Telos
  • Completing any elite Task set
  • Finding a cute/mean Phoenix eggling, without specifying them which one was found
  • Unlocking all spells in Livid Farm
  • Finding a Sceptre of the gods
  • Half-billion total experience milestones (500m, 1500m, etc.)
  • Completing the Arc journal
  • A player on your friends' list logging in after not having logged in for 31 days or more. This includes a quick chat reply option to send a message to the player.
Quick chat button.pngPlayer has returned to RuneScape after a break. Why not say hi?

Clan broadcasts

On 30 July 2018, an update was added that allows world and friends-specific server-wide announcements to be broadcasted to all clan members, regardless of what world they are on or if they are friends with players in the clan. They appear like so:

Friend announcement.png[ClanName] News: Player has received Shamni, the Summoning pet drop!

The settings for these broadcasts can be changed via the Clan Settings, allowing clans to turn off or reduce these types of broadcasts.


  • Prior to the clue rework update, barrows and shadow dye was only announced to friends.

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