Fate of the Gods

A view of the World Gate from inside the Shadow Realm.

The Shadow Realm is a realm parallel to Gielinor; it is another layer over the world[1]. Although it seems to be part of the world itself, it in some ways resembles another dimension. Players are able to see into it with the ring of visibility, and become part of it with the ghostly robes.

The Shadow Realm is featured in the The General's Shadow miniquest. During the miniquest, it is said that the Shadow Realm is a dimension in which the Mahjarrat have great control over, with the Mahjarrat General Khazard and his followers currently in the realm preparing for the next Ritual of Rejuvenation. General Khazard is confused when he sees the player walking in the Shadow Realm with the assistance of the ghostly robes, claiming that normally only dead and Mahjarrat can do so. However, despite Khazard's statement, the Shadow Realm is not linked to the realm of the dead, the latter being a separate place entirely.[1]

Sliske is mentioned by Zemouregal, Azzanadra, and Wahisietel as being particularly skilled at reaching into the Shadow Realm, although Wahisietel claims that Sliske was better at manipulating the Shadow Realm of Freneskae.[2]. Sliske experimented on the original six Barrows brothers within the Shadow Realm, causing them to be greatly enhanced, in addition to granting them some powers over the realm.

Even though Sliske has a great understanding of the Shadow Realm, Mod Osborne stated that Zaros had a better understanding than Sliske about the Shadow Realm, at least for Gielinor.[3]

The KGP are also conducting experiments into the Shadow Realm, and have managed to have one of their spies enter the realm.

After Zaros was defeated, his remaining human followers seemed to believe he had retreated to the Shadow Realm, and would continue to rule from it.[4][5][6]

In the beginning of Fate of the Gods, Sliske brings the player into the Shadow Realm, which looks exactly like the normal plane of existence but with muted, darker, and greyer colours. If the player decides to leave at this point, they will retain this Shadow Realm colour scheme (while interacting with the world as usual) until they log out.

In Dishonour among Thieves, it is revealed that Sliske experimented more on the Shadow Realm, causing most of the Mahjarrat to have difficulty entering the realm, with some being completely unable to. It is also shown to have preservative properties, as Palkeera's body is well preserved when found within the realm, despite her death occurring millennia before.


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