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Shadow enigmas are monsters summoned in the fight against Seiryu the Azure Serpent. When Seiryu is temporarily disabled, Xau-Tak's arm will emerge from a portal and release these enigmas, which slowly move to Seiryu. They will focus on the player if attacked, and will use moderately weak melee attacks.

The number of enigmas that spawn is dependant on how many players are on the main platform and on the shackles during this phase. More players on the main platform means that more enigmas will spawn and vice versa. With just one player on the main platform, twelve enigmas will spawn in two waves of six. With more players on the platform, a vast number of enigmas will spawn after the first six, which can make controlling them tricky. It is recommended to have one player deal with the first six by jumping off the shackle platform as the third and fourth enigmas spawn, preferably with a Caroming switch to distract all six at once, and then jumping back up to help to deal damage to the crystals. It is not necessary to jump down a second time: using Freedom when teleported back down allows player(s) plenty of time to target the enigmas before they reach Seiryu.

Should the enigmas manage to reach Seiryu, they will cause an "Uber Heal", healing any damaged crystals for roughly 50,000 health each.

In Story mode their health is reduced by 50% and their damage output is reduced by 66%.

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