Not to be confused with Shanty Claws.
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Shantay is a merchant who runs the Shantay Pass. He owns the Shantay Pass Shop. Shantay also provides some information about desert survival, as the effects of the desert heat starts taking its toll south of Shantay Pass, which can be useful for new players going into the desert.

If a player declares being an outlaw, Shantay will call upon his guards to have the player arrested and demands the player pay a fine of 5 coins. If the player pays, they will be released. If the player refuses twice, Shantay will then transport the player to be locked in Port Sarim "high-security" jail.

The player can escape by picking the lock of the cell, regardless of their Thieving level or their membership status, but it is easier at higher levels. Picking the lock of the cell door does not award Thieving experience. The player is also able to teleport out if they have the runes, or can use the Home Teleport spell. There was a period of time this appeared to be impossible as Shantay only had an Examine option, but this has since been rectified through a hidden update.

Shantay can also drop a scrumpled paper which holds a recipe for ugthanki kebabs.


  • Shantay addresses players as effendi, which was a common form of address, equivalent to 'sir', in the Ottoman Empire. It may also derive from the Turkish word efendi, which translates to 'master' or 'sir'.
  • Before the Al Kharid rework, in order to pass through the Shantay Pass people would have needed to purchase Shantay passes from Shantay.
  • Shantay has a look-alike in the minigame Heist, referred to as "Desert Trader"
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Hello, effendi.
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