Shards of Armadyl detail

Shards of Armadyl can be obtained by killing Glacors. The shards can be used in two ways:

Value analysis

Combining shards

A player combining the shards, making the orb.

If 100 shards are saved up to make an orb of armadyl, then crafted onto a battlestaff to create an armadyl battlestaff, the Grand Exchange market value per shard is 178,258 coins.

Grinding the shards into Dust of Armadyl yields 23,336 coins per shard.

The value per shard if making runes depends on how many runes the player is able to craft per Dust of Armadyl based on their Runecrafting level. The minimum level to craft these is 72, so the minimum runes possible per dust is 7, and the maximum possible is 10 per dust at 99 Runecrafting. This comes out to 80 per shard at 99 Runecrafting. The Grand Exchange market values per shard if made into runes are as follows:

Runecrafting level Runes
per dust
72–76 7 18,256
77–87 8 20,864
88–98 9 23,472
99 10 26,080

All prices are based on the current Grand Exchange market prices of the items. The Grand Exchange market price for an armadyl rune is currently 326 coins, and the price of the armadyl battlestaff is 17,828,844 coins.

Drop sources

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  • Unlike most other stackable items, armadyl shards always appear to have 5 pieces in the icon, regardless of the actual quantity.
  • Currently, the Pestle and mortar on a player's tool belt does not work when grinding shards of Armadyl. This is likely an oversight.
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