Sharrigan chathead

Sharrigan is one of the Ilujanka and the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Hannibus, the last Gielinorian Ilujanka alive. She appears at the end of the One of a Kind quest after Therragorn goes to the Ilujanka homeworld - Iaia - and she returns on her to be greeted by Hannibus, the World Guardian and Kerapac.

She proposes that Hannibus return to Iaia to await death with the rest of his people, which they have accepted and are currently celebrating their lives by carving into a giant tree. Kerapac opposes this decision, believing that he may be able to save the Ilujanka and the Dragonkin from extinction. The player then has the choice of siding with either Sharrigan or Kerapac, but regardless, Sharrigan returns to the Ilujanka homeworld, with or without Hannibus.

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