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|gender = Male
|gender = Male
|examine = Farmer/sheep liaison officer. Go on - give the dog a bone!
|examine = Farmer/sheep liaison officer. Go on - give the dog a bone!
|features = It can be given [[bones]] or [[cooked meat]].}}
|features = It can be given [[bones]] or meat, both [[Cooked meat|cooked]] and raw.}}
{{otheruses|the NPC|the pet|Sheepdog}}
{{otheruses|the NPC|the pet|Sheepdog}}

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This article is about the NPC. For the pet, see Sheepdog.

The Sheepdog is a dog NPC in a farm house just North of Port Sarim. It is lying down in front of the fireplace, as if it is resting.

Little is known about this NPC, though we can assume the dog belongs to Sarah since it is in her farm.


Players may give the Sheepdog bones or various meats by using it on the dog. It will not, however, accept any type of vegetable or inedible items (burnt meat, logs, etc.).

When players attempt to feed the dog, one of three messages will appear in the text box:

  • "You give the dog some nice bones. It happily gnaws on them." (When fed bones)
  • "You give the dog a nice piece of meat. It gobbles it up." (When fed meat)
  • "The dog doesn't seem interested in that". (When given anything inedible)


  • There is no benefit for feeding the Sheepdog. It appears to just be for aesthetic value.
  • The dog appears to be a Border Collie, which is a popular sheepdog in Europe and some parts of the United States.


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