Shell chippings detail

Shell chippings are obtained from hunting tortles native to Whale's Maw and Uncharted Isles. Four shell chippings can be crafted into a tortle shell bowl, requiring level 91 Crafting and yielding 75 Crafting experience.

Chippings may be obtained occasionally from pickpocketing Waiko islanders near the Waiko marketplace.

Shell chippings can be sold to Torts R Us in Waiko for a chime, and can be bought back for 10 chimes each.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Stalking bakamiN/A4–10Common
Stalking bakami jarN/A4–10Common
Waiko islanderN/A1Uncommon

Store locations

Torts R Us
Merchant 'Reggie'
Island Waiko
Price sold at 10
Prices bought at
Base value 1
First upgrade 1
Second upgrade 1
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Divination Level Initial resource Value[1] Energy Result Profit Divination Exp
93 10 Shell chippings Shell chippings 10 5 Ancestral energy 10 Shiny shell chippings Shiny shell chippings 0 217
  1. ^ Assumes highest sell-to-store value
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