Shield left half detail

The shield left half is an item that can be joined with the right half to create the dragon square shield with level 60 Smithing. Joining the right half with the left half earns 75 Smithing experience. The other half of the shield is sold by Siegfried Erkle in the Legends' Guild Shop of Useful Items for 750,000 coins.

The shield left half is confirmed to be on the rare drop table, so a large number of monsters can drop it. These drops, however, are understandably very rare. The shield left half may also be received as loot from kingly implings.

Players should note that it is cheaper to buy the full shield from the Grand Exchange than to buy the right half from the Legends' Guild after obtaining the left half.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Demon boss2001Uncommon
Rare drop tableN/A1Uncommon
Kingly implingN/A1Very rare
Scabaras mage771Very rare


  • Previously the right and left halves appeared to be two parts of a kite shield. Jagex later fixed this. Shield left half old Shield right half old
  • The shield halves had not been graphically updated to look like the completed shield which was graphically updated on 6 March 2012. The shield halves were updated on 11 January 2016.
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