Shield right half detail

The shield right half is an item which can be bought in the Legends' Guild for 750,000 coins. It can be combined with the shield left half (provided that you have 60 Smithing) to form the dragon square shield.

It is cheaper to buy the combined shield from the Grand Exchange, rather than buying one half and searching for the other.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Legends' Guild Shop of Useful ItemsSecond floor of Legends' Guild (west side)750,000Coins 100Coins 10Yes


  • Previously the right and left halves appeared to be two parts of a kiteshield. This was later changed. Shield left half old Shield right half old
  • The shield halves were not initally graphically updated to look like the completed shield which was graphically updated on 6 March 2012. The shield halves were finally updated on 11 January 2016.
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