Vigroy and his cart in Shilo Village.

The Shilo Village cart system operates within the island of Karamja, after players have finished the Shilo Village quest. For 10 coins, players can travel between the north of Brimhaven and the Shilo Village bank. Two men run the service, Hajedy in Brimhaven and Vigroy in Shilo.

The service is especially useful if players are mining gold ore from the north of Karamja, as this is the quickest access to a bank from there.


  • When using the Shilo Village cart system (without the quick-travel option), you will get a message saying: "You jump into the cart and the driver urges the horses on. You take a taxing journey through the jungle to Brimhaven/Shilo Village." Even though horses are mentioned, they are never seen.
  • At one point in time, the fee was based upon how many coins you had in your inventory instead of the current flat fee of 10 coins.
  • When using the cart system for the first time, players will be rewarded with an achievement titled "Horseless Carriage".
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