Shine (#129)
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Release date 15 March 2004 (Update)
Members No
Location Duel Arena
Quest No
Unlock hint This track unlocks at the north of Duel Arena.
Duration 05:20
Composer Mod Ian
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Shine is a music track that is unlocked north of the Duel Arena.


The music track begins with a strong and short-noted beat that is repeated during most of the song. Strings and percussion are added while maintaining a high-pitched melody. A piano plays the song's main tune at a high-pitched note. The tempo remains at a medium-fast beat throughout the tune. Synthesizers are included before the beat is changed. The bridge includes one of the signature tunes played in many of the desert songs and a slower, but still up-beat tune with a synthesizer and other instruments, before again returning to the main tune of the track a final time. At the very end, a crowd and several dongs can be heard.

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