Shiny columbarium key detail

The shiny columbarium key is obtained by using magic or elder pyre logs to perform funeral rites in the Columbarium. They are also received as an award from squeezing plushies during The Lost Toys miniquest. Using shiny columbarium keys gives a better chance of more valuable rewards when opening coffins.

Cremating rewards


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Gold charmGold charm1CommonNot sold
Green charmGreen charm1CommonNot sold
Crimson charmCrimson charm1CommonNot sold
Blue charmBlue charm1UncommonNot sold

Charms are a second reward, obtained with other items

God armour

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Rune full helm (Guthix)Rune full helm (Guthix)1Very rare21,484
Rune platebody (Guthix)Rune platebody (Guthix)1Very rare39,488
Rune kiteshield (Guthix)Rune kiteshield (Guthix)1Very rare30,341
Rune platelegs (Guthix)Rune platelegs (Guthix)1Very rare37,087
Rune plateskirt (Guthix)Rune plateskirt (Guthix)1Very rare35,847
Rune full helm (Saradomin)Rune full helm (Saradomin)1Very rare35,988
Rune platebody (Saradomin)Rune platebody (Saradomin)1Very rare43,034
Rune kiteshield (Saradomin)Rune kiteshield (Saradomin)1Very rare30,501
Rune platelegs (Saradomin)Rune platelegs (Saradomin)1Very rare36,722
Rune plateskirt (Saradomin)Rune plateskirt (Saradomin)1Very rare36,779
Rune full helm (Zamorak)Rune full helm (Zamorak)1Very rare36,875
Rune platebody (Zamorak)Rune platebody (Zamorak)1Very rare39,636
Rune kiteshield (Zamorak)Rune kiteshield (Zamorak)1Very rare29,870
Rune platelegs (Zamorak)Rune platelegs (Zamorak)1Very rare34,975
Rune plateskirt (Zamorak)Rune plateskirt (Zamorak)1Very rare36,897

God pages

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Guthix page 1Guthix page 11Very rare153,133
Guthix page 2Guthix page 21Very rare133,921
Guthix page 3Guthix page 31Very rare135,397
Guthix page 4Guthix page 41Very rare133,481
Saradomin page 1Saradomin page 11Very rare240,374
Saradomin page 2Saradomin page 21Very rare212,818
Saradomin page 3Saradomin page 31Very rare205,820
Saradomin page 4Saradomin page 41Very rare212,484
Zamorak page 1Zamorak page 11Very rare90,437
Zamorak page 2Zamorak page 21Very rare86,781
Zamorak page 4Zamorak page 41Very rare83,609
Zamorak page 3Zamorak page 31Very rare83,954

Weapons and armour

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Rune helmRune helm(noted)Uncommon10,533
Rune platelegsRune platelegs(noted)Uncommon37,002
Rune pickaxeRune pickaxe(noted)Uncommon22,097
Rune spearRune spear(noted)Uncommon10,185
Rune arrow 5Rune arrow50Common7,550
Rune full helm (t)Rune full helm (t)1Very rare18,799
Rune platebody (t)Rune platebody (t)1Very rare37,427
Rune kiteshield (t)Rune kiteshield (t)1Very rare30,443
Rune platelegs (t)Rune platelegs (t)1Very rare35,926
Rune plateskirt (t)Rune plateskirt (t)1Very rare34,886
Rune full helm (g)Rune full helm (g)1Very rare18,414
Rune platebody (g)Rune platebody (g)1Very rare37,014
Rune kiteshield (g)Rune kiteshield (g)1Very rare29,820
Rune platelegs (g)Rune platelegs (g)1Very rare35,182
Rune plateskirt (g)Rune plateskirt (g)1Very rare35,828
Black full helm (t)Black full helm (t)1Very rare4,749
Black platebody (t)Black platebody (t)1Very rare6,518
Black kiteshield (t)Black kiteshield (t)1Very rare5,432
Black platelegs (t)Black platelegs (t)1Very rare5,907
Black plateskirt (t)Black plateskirt (t)1Very rare2,253
Black full helm (g)Black full helm (g)1Very rare10,880
Black platebody (g)Black platebody (g)1Very rare11,977
Black kiteshield (g)Black kiteshield (g)1Very rare8,718
Black platelegs (g)Black platelegs (g)1Very rare9,609
Black plateskirt (g)Black plateskirt (g)1Very rare3,872
Adamant full helm (t)Adamant full helm (t)1Very rare2,340
Adamant platebody (t)Adamant platebody (t)1Very rare7,033
Adamant kiteshield (t)Adamant kiteshield (t)1Very rare7,518
Adamant platelegs (t)Adamant platelegs (t)1Very rare5,048
Adamant plateskirt (t)Adamant plateskirt (t)1Very rare4,090
Adamant full helm (g)Adamant full helm (g)1Very rare9,825
Adamant platebody (g)Adamant platebody (g)1Very rare14,538
Adamant kiteshield (g)Adamant kiteshield (g)1Very rare8,494
Adamant platelegs (g)Adamant platelegs (g)1Very rare9,654
Adamant plateskirt (g)Adamant plateskirt (g)1Very rare4,600
Dragon spearDragon spear1Rare35,984


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Grimy toadflaxGrimy toadflax(noted)Uncommon22,204
Grimy avantoeGrimy avantoe(noted)Common2,056
Grimy kwuarmGrimy kwuarm(noted)Common22,444
Grimy snapdragonGrimy snapdragon(noted)Uncommon3,622
Grimy lantadymeGrimy lantadyme(noted)Uncommon15,494
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed(noted)Common16,634
Grimy torstolGrimy torstol(noted)Uncommon10,804


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Watermelon seed 5Watermelon seed8Common28,928
Snape grass seed 5Snape grass seed8Common13,024
Lantadyme seed 5Lantadyme seed1Uncommon770
Dwarf weed seed 5Dwarf weed seed1Uncommon861


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Blood runeBlood rune20Common13,640
Adamantite oreAdamantite ore(noted)Common1,816
Rune barRune bar(noted)Uncommon2,998
Uncut rubyUncut ruby(noted)Common7,048
Uncut diamondUncut diamond(noted)Common18,416
Red spiders' eggsRed spiders' eggs(noted)Common11,184
Limpwurt rootLimpwurt root(noted)Uncommon41,144
Loop half of a keyLoop half of a key(noted)Uncommon11,200
Tooth half of a keyTooth half of a key(noted)Uncommon11,576


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