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The gnome shipyard

The Shipyard is a ship-building facility on the east shore of Karamja and south-east of the Karamja lodestone, built under the discreet supervision of Glough to raise a navy capable of attacking the human population of Gielinor. It is first visited by players completing The Grand Tree, and subsequently plays a role in Monkey Madness. Entering the Yard requires the player to speak the password (Ka, Lu, Min) which is obtained during The Grand Tree quest.

In the yard you will find many level 28 Shipyard workers and many ships under construction. There are also some hammers lying around.

Ships under construction in the Shipyard.

Also there is a small hut with the local G.L.O. Caranock, who plays a small part in the Monkey Madness quest and is a potential customer for hard orders in the Gnome Restaurant activity. There is also the shipyard foreman who plays part in The Grand Tree and Monkey Madness quests.

A destination for a level 3 Treasure Trail coordinate clue is located just east of the hut.

Off the coast, players can occasionally see a shark. Though it is level 1, it is not attackable.


  • There is a charter ship available in the eastern part of the Yard, after completion of The Grand Tree. It is owned and operated by Trader Stan and his helpers as usual.
  • The nearest fairy ring is dkp, to the north-west of the Shipyard.
  • A Gnome glider lands to the south of the Shipyard for your transportation needs. The crashed glider to the west used in the Grand Tree quest is not part of the network.


  • When the shark is examined, a message will appear saying 'Let's not go skinny dipping, eh?' This could be a possible reference to the film Jaws.
  • The shipyard is one of the submarine locations.