Shortcut key detail

The shortcut key is obtained near the end of the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. With the shortcut key, the time to reach sector 3 from the start is cut to around a third. There are two shortcut doors which are identified by the symbol of the key on them.

See the Meiyerditch shortcut guide for the route that requires the key.

You can put the shortcut key on your steel key ring.

This item is always kept on death, regardless of what other items the player is holding, unless you die in the Wilderness, in which case it is lost.

If you lose your shortcut key you may get another from Safalaan. After the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer, since Safalaan has disappeared, Vertida Sefalatis (located in the Meiyerditch hideout) will replace the key for you. After The Lord of Vampyrium, the key can be reclaimed by simply attempting to open one of the shortcut doors in Meiyerditch.


1st shortcut door


2nd shortcut door


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