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Sigils are equipment worn in the sigil slot. They can be activated for short-term beneficial effects.

Using a sigil puts the slot itself on cooldown, so swapping sigils for multiple effects is not possible.

Sigil Effect Cooldown Obtained from Cost per activation
Sigil of slaying Slaying +10% Slayer experience for 30 seconds. 60s Shattered Worlds 22,500 shattered anima
Ferocious sigil Ferocious Instant respawn of Kuradal's Dungeon monsters (killed by the user) for 30 seconds. 60s
Aggression sigil Aggression Up to 8 nearby monsters within 5 square distance begin attacking the user. 20s 45,000 shattered anima
Golden touch sigil Golden touch High-alchemises all drops not exceeding the lootbeam value for 60 seconds 120s 1,000 vital sparks 1 vital sparks
Limitless sigil Limitless Thresholds are usable at 15% adrenaline (instead of 50%) for 6 seconds. 90s
Unsullied sigil Unsullied Maintains corruption damage bonus without receiving increased damage for 30 seconds. 60s
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