This article is about signposts in general. For the ones in Clan Citadels, see Signpost (Clan Citadels).
Directional signpost
Release date Varies (Update)
Members Some
Quest No
Location Varies
Examine Varies

Signposts are scattered across several towns and cities and give directions to certain places, or give random statistics if read, depending on location. Statistic signposts were released by Jagex on 21 May, 2008, although direction signposts have been around since RuneScape Classic.

Signposts serve little purpose for more experienced players who know their way around Gielinor better and can use the world map efficiently.

Signpost right click options

A signpost's right click options.

Information signs

The information signs show various statistics when read. They reset when the server is rebooted.

Location Text
East Ardougne market "The knights and paladins of East Ardougne are keeping a watchful eye on the market stalls today. So far, a total of # delicious cakes and loaves of bread have been stolen from the bakers' stalls." or "One of East Ardougne's bakers was slightly upset to find one of his delicious wares has been stolen from his stall today. Be vigilant."
Goblin Village "Welcome to Goblin Village. Current population: #"
Lumbridge (near Lumbridge Sage) "So far today, # unlucky adventurers have died on RuneScape and been sent to their respawn location. Be careful out there." or "So far today, not a single adventurer on RuneScape has met their end grisly or otherwise. Either the streets are getting safer or adventurers are getting warier."
Lumbridge (cow pens)

"Local cowherders have reported that # cows have been slain in this field today by passing adventurers. Farmers throughout the land fear this may be an epidemic." or "The Lumbridge cow population has been thriving today, without a single cow death to worry about!"

Varrock Palace "Guards in the Varrock Palace are on full alert due to increasing levels of pickpocketing. So far today, # guards have had their money pickpocketed in the palace or at the city gates."
Warriors' Guild "Kamfreena reports that # cyclopes and # cyclossi have been slain in the guild today. She hopes that warriors will step up and kill more!"
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