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Silvarea is a winding mountain pass northeast of Varrock, the capital city of Misthalin. The pass's name is rarely used, and is not shown on the World Map. Silvarea has become somewhat synonymous with Paterdomus, the Saradominist temple that dominates its eastern side.

Silvarea is accessible only to members.


Silvarea is a large mountain pass, bordered on its north and south side by mountains. Its east side leads to a massive cliff which, along with the River Salve, divides Misthalin and the swamplands of Morytania. Directly east of the temple, an agility shortcut is present.

Silvarea serves as the only land route between the two nations, making it a focal point in either realm's defence.


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Silvarea played host to a series of battles in the Years 1100 to 1200 of the Fourth Age. Morytanian forces, led by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, attempted to gain Misthalin in a 100-year war that threatened to bring the human race to extinction.

Only with the assistance of the Seven Priestly Warriors were the people of Misthalin and Asgarnia able to defeat the Morytanians. To ensure that a second attack could not be launched, the River Salve was blessed and the Paterdomus temple constructed.

This does not seem to have worked entirely, however; during the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, players witness two werewolves attack and kidnap a traveller on Silvarea, during the Swept Away quest there is a Ghoul named Gus in Rimmington during the 2006 Christmas event there is a werewolf called Shanty Claws on Musa Point, and the brother of Lord Drakan, Count Draynor, managed to escape to Draynor Manor.

Points of Interest

Silvarea is one of the locations the player journeys to during the quest All Fired Up. The player must light 2 of the beacons on the mountain. After the quest, the beacons are used in the activity of the same name.

The quests Rag and Bone Man and Fur 'n' Seek take place in Silvarea. The player must clean several bones and furs for the Odd Old Man by boiling the bones in vinegar and heating the furs on a rack over a fire. Then the items are given to him to be put in a collection.

After all the bones have been given to the Odd Old Man, players are able to challenge the Skeletal Horror in the arena on the plateau to the east.

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