Silvarea mining site
Silvarea mining site
Release date 31 May 2006 (Update)
Also known as Rag and Bone Man Mine, Limestone Quarry
Location By the Rag and Bone Man, west of the Paterdomus
Members No
Rocks 7 limestone rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit

The Silvarea mining site is a mining location which lies on Silvarea west of the temple Paterdomus and north-east of Varrock. It is located near the start location for the Rag and Bone Man quest. Players can mine limestone from the rocks found here, which can be used for Construction.

With the addition of Broken Home, the limestone can quickly be banked at the nearby bank deposit box outside the mansion.

This area rarely sees people mining here, for limestone can be obtained from the Grand Exchange for a cheap price.


There are only a few ways to get to this isolated site:


This quarry has seven limestone rocks. These can be mined with a pickaxe for a piece of limestone. This can then be used with a chisel for a limestone brick. The only other use is seen in Regicide, where the player must use limestone on a furnace to get quicklime.

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