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Silver Zamorakian token was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Silver Zamorakian token detail

The silver Zamorakian token is the second-lowest tier Zamorakian token obtained when a player with a Bronze Zamorakian token obtains 1,000 renown. It is a pocket slot equipable item obtained from the Zamorakian recruitment officer when joining the Zamorak forces in the Battle of Lumbridge. It enables the player to purchase several items from the Zamorakian quartermaster, using Renown. Once the player earns 3,000 Renown, it becomes the Gold Zamorakian token. This item provides protection against Zamorak's followers in the God Wars Dungeon, and it will make bandits aggressive.

When lost, it can be reclaimed from the Saradominist preacher behind Lumbridge Castle.

It provides the following bonuses:

  • Increases the amount of divine tears dropped (1 in 10 chance).
  • The experience modifier of this token for skilling in the battle crater is 1.6.

The token also comes with an emote (players must have the token equipped to do the emote).

Combat Stats
NonePocket slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses


  • On 2 September 2013, the start of the seventh week of the battle, the experience modifier of the Silver token was increased from 1.2 to 1.4. It was again increased to 1.6 on 23 September 2013, at the start of the tenth week.
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