Silverhawk feathers detail

Silverhawk down is the untradeable version of Silverhawk feathers that can be bought in sets of 10 for 35 thaler, or found on uncharted islands, used to charge Silverhawk boots. One down gives the boots one charge. The boots can have a maximum of 500 charges at any time.


The following calculator tells you how many feathers you need to get to a level from a given amount of experience. It can also factor in bonus experience.

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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Premier Club VaultN/A25Common
Summer piñataN/A40Common
Big event mystery box (Deathbeard's Demise)N/A25Rare
Big event mystery box (Going Like Clockwork)N/A25Rare
Event mystery boxN/A25Rare
Event mystery box (Aiding the Exile)N/A25Rare
Event mystery box (Deathbeard's Demise)N/A25Rare
Event mystery box (Going Like Clockwork)N/A25Rare
Festive box (elite)N/A25Rare
Medium parcelN/A100Rare
Twitch loot crateN/A25Rare
Big event mystery boxN/A25Uncommon
Big event mystery box (Aiding the Exile)N/A25Uncommon
Big event mystery box (Mental Health Awareness Week)N/A25Uncommon
Big event mystery box (Rune Capers)N/A25Uncommon
Big event mystery box (Zodiac Festival)N/A25Uncommon
Event mystery box (Mental Health Awareness Week)N/A25Uncommon
Event mystery box (Rune Capers)N/A25Uncommon
Event mystery box (Zodiac Festival)N/A25Uncommon
Menaphite gift offering (large)N/A6–17Uncommon
Menaphite gift offering (medium)N/A6–9Uncommon
Menaphite gift offering (small)N/A6–15Uncommon
Gift box (elite)N/A25Unknown


  • Down is a type of feather found under the tougher exterior feathers.
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