Silvthril rod detail

Silvthril is an alloy of silver and mithril, created simply by mixing the two metals when molten and allowing the compound to cool. Silvthril equipment is sturdy and is a weakness of vampyres.[1] The legendary rod of Ivandis Seergaze was made of silvthril, as is the Ivandis flail, a more recent weapon based on the rod's design. Additionally, the Screwte, a repeating blisterwood crossbow, has silvthril limbs.

Silvthril features in the Myreque quest series.


  1. ^ Flaygian Screwte, "Legacy of Seergaze", RuneScape. "From my studies, I believe that Vyrewatch, much like vampire[sic] juvinates and juveniles, can only be affected by mithril and silver."
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