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Single-Way Wilderness was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Single-Way Wilderness
Single-Way Wilderness
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Constitution
Level 25
Type Basic
Adrenaline ±0%
Equipment None
Cooldown 10 seconds
Toggle between using single-way combat and multi-way combat while in the Wilderness. Changing this setting takes 10 seconds, and will be interrupted if you perform any actions or are attacked while changing. This setting is retained across death and log-out.
Single-Way Wilderness charging
Multi-Combat skull

A player who has enabled multi-way combat in the Wilderness

Single-Way Wilderness was a basic Constitution ability that required 25 Constitution to use. It has since been removed from the game.

When activated, this ability would switch the user between using single-way and multi-way combat in the Wilderness. The chosen setting would then apply to all areas of the Wilderness. It took 10 seconds for the setting to change, and much like the Home Teleport spell, this ability was interrupted if the player moved or was attacked.

While the single-way Wilderness setting was active, players could not be attacked by more than one player or monster at a time while in the Wilderness. Conversely, players would not be able to attack more than one player or monster at once, unless they hadn't been damaged by the monster they had just attacked (e.g. attacking a Revenant imp which attacked but failed to deal damage). Combat familiars could still be used as normal, but abilities that affect multiple targets, such as Chain, would only hit one target. Players who used the ability to switch to multi-way combat would have a skull appear above their heads while in the Wilderness to indicate their willingness to participate in multi-way combat.

By default, this ability was set to single-way combat. Players would have to opt in to multi-way combat by activating the ability.

Despite the description, being attacked would not interrupt this ability; being damaged would.


  • In the single-way stance, players could still be attacked by multiple monsters at once if they hadn't been attacked yet. This was most likely an oversight by Jagex.
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