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Sinister Stranger chathead

The Sinister Stranger (whose real name is Vlad) is an NPC involved in the Fishing Contest quest. He is obviously a vampyre, yet he is very cagey around the subject, and refuses to admit it. Players must drive him away from his spot using garlic, then use his spot to win the contest. Unlike other Vampyres in RuneScape, Vlad is not dangerous.

According to Vlad, he has taken up Fishing on the advice of his doctor, who told him "to take up a relaxing hobby". Apparently, when he is stressed he tends "to get a little thirsty", implying that he wishes to resist the temptation to suck people's blood. It is unclear whether this is because Vlad feels guilty about attacking innocent people or fearful about the risk of being caught. In either case, players can say to him: "If you get thirsty you should drink something," where upon he will reply: "I think I may do that soon."

It is currently unknown how he managed to cross the River Salve. Knowing how the life span of most Vampyres is very long, he could have passed the River Salve before the Seven Priestly Warriors blessed it.


  • Vlad bears a number of features stereotypical of the modern image of a vampire. He wears a tuxedo and a long cape (the typical gothic count outfit), has prominent canine teeth, pale skin, is allergic to garlic, has light sensitivity, and has an Eastern European accent. Many of his features are similar to Count Dracua and Vlad the Impaler, who was believed to be the influence for Count Dracula: both Dracula and Vlad the Impaler were Eastern European; the Sinister Stranger and popular depictions of Dracula have similar fashion sense; and both the Stranger and the Impaler share the name Vlad.
  • He still uses the old graphics for vampyres.
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