Sinister key detail

The sinister key is used in Yanille Agility dungeon. It is dropped by Salarin the Twisted but is also a potential loot from catching a magpie impling, as well as a possible reward from the Triskelion Treasures Distraction and Diversion. It is used to open the closed chest that contains 9 grimy herbs: 2 harralander, 3 ranarr, 1 irit, 1 avantoe, 1 kwuarm, and 1 torstol.

The market value of the sinister key is linked to the market value of the herbs that it unlocks.

Herb Grimy price Cleaned price
2 Grimy harralander 370 660
3 Grimy ranarr 4,578 4,974
1 Grimy irit 3,679 3,931
1 Grimy avantoe 804 901
1 Grimy kwuarm 5,802 5,944
1 Grimy torstol 4,239 4,332
Total 19,472 20,742
Sinister key -6,867
Difference 12,605 13,875


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Magpie implingN/A1Very rare
Salarin the Twisted771Uncommon