This article is about the Constitution ability. For other uses, see Siphon (disambiguation).
For the Elder Artefact, see staff of Armadyl.
Release date 14 July 2014 (Update)
Members No
Skill Constitution
Level 20
Type Basic
Adrenaline ±0%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 60 seconds
Siphon up to 10% adrenaline from your target if they have more adrenaline than you and protects you from further siphons for 6 seconds.
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Siphon is a basic Constitution ability. When activated in PvP, it drains the target player's adrenaline by 10% and adds it to the siphoning player's. It also prevents the siphoning player from being siphoned for six seconds.

It can be used in PvM against NPCs that have adrenaline. However, it does not drain the NPC's adrenaline. It only adds to the player's adrenaline.


  • The old icon for Siphon is the same icon as the one previously used for Momentum, before an update turned it into a combat mode.
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