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Sir Mordred chathead

Sir Mordred can be found on the top floor of Keep Le Faye near Catherby. He is the son of Morgan Le Faye. He is fought during the Merlin's Crystal quest. At 0 LP, Morgan Le Faye will appear and ask that you spare him. If you ignore Morgan Le Faye and continue to attack him, he will regenerate all of his life points and you must fight him again while Morgan Le Faye wanders around aimlessly. Players used to be able to train indefinitely on him this way, but after an update damaging him no longer awards experience.

During the King's Ransom quest, he will actually die if you attack him, but will respawn soon afterwards.

Sir Mordred is also the leader of the Renegade Knights.

Before he was updated in the King's Ransom quest, he could be found wearing black armour whilst wielding a sword similar to Darklight.

Despite being a former member, he is much weaker than the rest of the Knights of the Round Table.


  • In Arthurian legend, he was the son of King Arthur and his half-sister Morgause, who was Morgan Le Faye's sister.
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