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Sir Ehntor Prysin is one of King Roald's knights and the great-grandson of the hero Wally, who defeated Delrith in year 20 of the Fifth Age. He is located in the western part of Varrock castle, on the ground floor. He once attempted to pass the trials required to claim Silverlight, but failed, stating that he had to fight a nine-headed snake monster amongst other things.

Sir Prysin got his very own luxurious room in the palace as well a knighthood only because of his ancestor's feat. As a result, he is a very vain man, often bragging about his ancestry and even claiming other people's achievements for himself.[1] Captain Rovin and Reldo shows great contempt towards him, believing him to be an "ill-bred moron" and a braggart respectively.

Ehntor has at least two children, but his eldest son died as a result of a jousting match at the Midsummer Festival of 165 when his opponent's lance penetrated his leather gorget and pierced his throat. The wound could not be healed and he died a few days later under the attendance of Father Lawrence.


Family tree

Son †


  • Sir Prysin's name is a play on the word 'surprising'. His full name, in turn, a play on 'enterprising'.
  • Sir Prysin used to wear a helmet prior to the second Demon Slayer update on 15 December 2009. His helmet now lies on his desk, although he still wears it during Zemouregal's zombie invasion.
  • Prior to the third Demon Slayer rework in January 2013, Prysin was the custodian of Silverlight. To reduce the risk of the sword falling into the wrong hands, he gave two of the cabinet keys to Wizard Traiborn and Captain Rovin and kept the third key for himself, though he dropped it in the drain and lost it in the Varrock Sewers after trying to wash it in the sink, having dropped it in his soup. He was removed from the quest entirely, although a fourth update in July 2014 involved him again in the form of post-quest dialogue.


  1. ^ Ozan, RuneScape. "I found Sir Prysin in the Blue Moon Inn the other day, telling everyone how he single-handedly defeated Delrith!"