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Sir Rebrum is a White Knight in command of the exploration and threat assessment of the Grotworm Lair near Rimmington. He set up a small camp outside the lair, where he has already lost several men.

When spoken to, he claims to hold himself in high regard and to have control of the situation. However, his men hold him in contempt. Sir Rinch, one of the men under his command who died, called him "a maniac[...]only interested in his own advancement".

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Sir Rebrums voice
I am the famous Sir Rebrum; Hero of justice extraordinaire and destroyer of all things evil!


  • His name is a pun on "cerebrum", the largest part of the human brain as well as the site for intelligence. This seems to coincide with his approach to his mission to investigate the Grotworm Lair, as he "has decided that discretion is the better part of valour."
  • He seems to be suffering from insanity. It is quite possible that he has been driven mad by the events regarding his squad and the Grotworm Lair; however, he could have simply been insane from the start.
  • He wasn't graphically updated as the other White Knight NPCs were in the 15 October 2015 Update.

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