Not to be confused with Sir Whrenity.
Sir Renitee chathead

Sir Renitee (also called The Herald) is an NPC located on the east end of the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the White Knights' Castle. Sir Renitee is a member of the White Knights.

He is utilised in the Construction skill, specifically during the construction of a player's Quest Hall.

Quest Hall items

Maps for a player-owned house's Quest Hall are purchased from Sir Renitee for 1,000 coins.

Level Map Item Requirements
38 Small map Small map Small map 51 quest points
58 Medium map Medium map Medium map 101 quest points
78 Large map Large map Large map 151 quest points

Sir Renitee can paint portraits of people that a player has met. These portraits can be hung in the Quest Hall, and each portrait has an associated quest requirement:

Level Portrait Item Requirements
35 King Arthur (portrait) King Arthur Arthur portrait Merlin's Crystal and Holy Grail
35 Elena (portrait) Elena Elena portrait Plague City
35 Giant Dwarf (portrait) Giant Dwarf Keldagrim portrait The Giant Dwarf
55 Miscellanians Miscellanians Misc. portrait Throne of Miscellania

Sir Renitee's painting skills extend to landscapes as well as people. Players who have completed the required adventure sets can spend 2,000 coins to purchase these paintings:

Level Painting Item Requirements
44 Lumbridge (painting) Lumbridge Lumbridge painting Cook's Assistant, Rune Mysteries, and The Restless Ghost
44 The desert The desert Desert painting Diamond in the Rough, Tourist Trap, The Feud, and The Golem
44 Morytania (painting) Morytania Morytania painting Ghosts Ahoy, Shades of Mort'ton, Creature of Fenkenstrain, and Haunted Mine
65 Karamja (painting) Karamja Karamja painting Pirate's Treasure, Shilo Village, and Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
65 Isafdar (painting) Isafdar Isafdar painting Roving Elves


Sir Renitee's most significant function, however, is heraldry. He can tell players their family heritage, which gives them one of the following listed crests. For a fee of 5,000 coins, the player may choose their own crest – however, some of these crests have associated requirements, as noted below. Sir Renitee refuses to provide this service to any player whose Construction level (including any boosts) is below 16, the level required for an oak decoration.

Using a workshop's pluming stand or shield easel, players can paint their crest on a steel, rune full helm, or kiteshield, creating heraldic helmets and heraldic kiteshields. A banner may also be made with the player's crest, once the character is high enough level to build a banner easel.

Painting your crest on helms or shields turns them into members-only items; banners are always members-only. Once painted, a helmet or shield can never be reversed to its original state.

If a player has a money crest and needs to change it to a Saradomin crest for the Falador Hard Tasks, Sir Renitee will give the player a one-time money crest voucher that can be used to change the crest back afterwards for only 5,000 coins (instead of another 500,000 coins).

Crest Requirements
Rune heraldic helm (Arrav) Arrav Shield of Arrav
Rune heraldic helm (Asgarnia) Asgarnia None
Rune heraldic helm (Dorgeshuun) Dorgeshuun The Lost Tribe
Rune heraldic helm (Dragon) Dragon Dragon Slayer
Rune heraldic helm (Fairy) Fairy Lost City
Rune heraldic helm (Guthix) Guthix 70+ Prayer
Rune heraldic helm (HAM) H.A.M. None
Rune heraldic helm (Horse) Horse Toy horsey in inventory
Rune heraldic helm (Jogre) Jogre None
Rune heraldic helm (Kandarin) Kandarin None
Rune heraldic helm (Misthalin) Misthalin None
Rune heraldic helm (Money) Money 500,000 coins
Rune heraldic helm (Saradomin) Saradomin 70+ Prayer
Rune heraldic helm (Skull) Skull Skulled
Rune heraldic helm (Varrock) Varrock None
Rune heraldic helm (Zamorak) Zamorak 70+ Prayer



  • His name is a pun on the word "serenity". This pun is also shared with Sir Whrenity, making them the first Faladian knights to share a pun.
  • The 'Skull' crest once required a player to be skulled before speaking to Sir Renitee. Since the removal of skulling, the crest had no additional requirements. However, since the introduction of Legacy Mode, becoming skulled once again returns, and once again the 'Skull' crest requires the player to be skulled.
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