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Theodore Kassel
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Presumed deceased
Faction White Knights, Saradominist
First appearance Betrayal at Falador
Last appearance Legacy of Blood

Theodore Kassel was a white knight who had a heavy role in the War of 164 and Misthalin-Morytania War shortly afterwards. He is a central character in the RuneScape novels Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis and Legacy of Blood.


Early life

Theodore was born and raised in Rimmington. During his time there, he had a friend, a local child called Castimir. At the age of nine, he joined the White Knights as a peon.

Betrayal at Falador

During a storm, Squire Theodore found Kara-Meir barely alive after her encounter with the Kinshra. He later volunteered to visit the druids in Taverley to find the origin of the white flower that Kara-Meir held when she was teleported to Falador with the ring of life. Along the way he came upon Doric, who had been the victim of a mob attack led by the H.A.M. Speaker. Using his mare, Theodore helped Doric recover four bars of adamantium before continuing onto Taverley. There, he met Castimir, now an apprentice at the Wizards' Tower, as well as Ebenezer and Gar'rth. When Kara-Meir woke up, he was charged with the task of understanding the her history when she recovered, since she would talk to no one else. Later he was ordered by Sir Amik Varze to use her as bait to flush out the spy among the Elder Knights, much to his shock at the dishonesty. Disgusted by the lies of the knights, Kara-Meir fled, with Theodore in pursuit. He caught up with her at Gunnarsgrunn, where he ran into Castimir, Ebenezer and Gar'rth heading to a nearby monastery. A barbarian grew jealous of Gar'rth and attacked him, spilling his blood and revealing his lycanthropic nature. Theodore tried to kill Gar'rth for being a werewolf, but was stopped by Castimir and Ebenezer. He joined the group headed to the monastery, which now also included Kara-Meir and the barbarian priestess Arisha. During the attack by Zamorakian forces, Theodore helped protect the monks. He managed to escape with the rest before returning to Falador to warn of the impending attack.

Theodore joined Ebenezer and Sir Amik Varze in tracking Sir Erical, a retired knight falsely accused of treason, into the sewers below Falador. They found Sir Erical's body and were locked in by Sir Finistere, the true traitor. Sir Pallas, another retired knight, attempted to take on Sir Finistere, but in his poor physical condition he failed and died in the fight. Sir Pallas was bested in combat and while dying clawed at the traitors belt taking a key which was handed to Sir Tiffy Cashien who opened the door chasing the Traitor through the sewers during the Siege of Falador.

Aftermath of Betrayal at Falador

After the war in Falador, Theodore was sent by Sir Amik Varze to Varrock to take advantage of his newfound fame and recruit for the order, and was to be made a knight upon his return. During a final gathering with his friends he made throughout the journey, they (with the exception of Doric) were adopted as heirs of Ebenezer. Doric turned down the offer due to his old age and he also already had wealth in his life.

Return to Canifis

In Varrock, he found many potential recruits as well as a young boy called Hamel to act as his second in command. He also found friendship with a Varrockian noble, Lord William de Adlard and the priest Father Lawrence, and gained the interest of another noble Lady Anne. While out walking with Father Lawrence, Theodore saw a creature flying around Varrock and enter a tailor's home. Theodore broke in to face the Wyrd who was after the tailor's daughter. Theodore was unable to even wound the Wyrd and failed to save the child. The Society of the Owl, led by Lord Despaard, swore Theodore to silence about the night's events. However, he was seen by Ellamaria, who was investigating the Wyrd attacks. During the Midsummer's Eve festival, he and his recruits faced off against Varrock's finest knights in a battle with dull weapons, and ended up killing a Varrockian knight who was using bladed weapons. After the battle, Squire Theodore was granted an honour few of his order have received: being knighted by a king of Varrock. During the feast that followed, they Wyrd attacked the palace, attempting to kidnap Felicity, a baby of a servant. Again, Theodore's attacks were ineffective, but Gar'rth was able to pin the Wyrd down and almost defeat her when members of the Society of the Owl attacked Gar'rth, weakening him and allowing the Wyrd to escape. When Gar'rth was imprisoned, Theodore was imprisoned voluntarily as well in order to ensure Gar'rth was treated fairly. However, Simon, a member of the Society, taunted Gar'rth and threw what little food he got onto the floor. Theodore complained, but Simon mysteriously disappeared.

During the parliament the next day, it was decided to send an embassy involving Gar'rth to Morytania to demand the return of the children taken by the Wyrd. Theodore went along with Castimir, Arisha, Kara-Meir, Ebenezer's friend Albertus Black, the jester Gideon Gleeman and Lord Despaard. At the Paterdomus temple at the entrance to Morytania, Kara-Meir volunteered to test out the blood mark to see if they would get safe passage. She narrowly avoided being attacked by a ravaging vampyre, which Theodore saw set foot on the bridge. The blood mark was accepted, and the embassy made their way into Morytania. After a ghast attack, they were greeted by some local werewolves led by Imre, and shown to the Hair of the Dog, the pub in Canifis, where they were staying for the duration of their trip. Shortly after, three prisoners were brought in, including two of Kara-Meir's servants who had run away, as a sacrifice to the vampyre overlords. Although there was a will among the party to free the young pair, their contract explicitly stated that they were not to interfere in Morytanian politics, including bartering of supplies such as food and sacrifices. Roavar escorted Theodore, Castimir, Gar'rth and Kara-Meir to a storeroom filled with what the werewolves considered worthless trinkets from unlucky victims. During this time, Canifis was attacked by the Myreque and set ablaze, and in the confusion of the aftermath, Kara-Meir slew a female werewolf in front of her son. This caused the werewolves to attempt to either capture or kill the four of them, but they were able to hold out until they were captured and taken to the home of the Black Prince, where Gar'rth remained behind in order to ensure the rest of the party could escape. They narrowly avoided being attacked by the Barrows brothers and joined the rest of the Myreque at Hope Rock in fleeing on a hot air balloon.

The balloon was taken down by vyrewatch working for Vanescula Drakan on the way to Misthalin, and Theodore aided the survivors' attempts to make it to the River Salve. He managed to make it across along with a handful of Myreque members.

Legacy of Blood

He is presented as a witness during Castimir's trial, where his evidence is used to find Castimir guilty. This loses his friendship with Castimir, like a burning scar, of a hypocrite. He later attempted to redeem himself by defending his friend Lord William de Adlard when Lord Mews came to arrest him.


At some point between Year 164 and 169 of the Fifth Age, Theodore disappeared. Both Sir Amik Varze and Kara-Meir have claimed that Theodore is no longer with them, though whether he has died or merely left is unclear.



Theodore is a constant companion to Kara-Meir during the novels, and a potential love interest. This clashes with his vows as a knight though, as he is sworn to his cause and is forbidden to take a wife. However, it's implied that he has since left the White Knights, so it may be possible that he and Kara-Meir were in a relationship.


When they first meet, Theodore attempts to kill Gar'rth, believing that all werewolves are servants of Zamorak. However, he fails, and throughout Betrayal at Falador, he slowly starts to accept that Gar'rth is not his enemy and becomes less narrow minded. Eventually he sees Gar'rth as a friend and a rival for Kara-Meir's affection.


Theodore grew up with Castimir, and the two were great friends. During the novels they travel together and back each other up in battle. Following Castimir's trial and subsequent expulsion from the tower, Castimir blames Theodore, accusing him of putting his honour before his friendship, and of cowardice, only acting to preserve his honour when necessary.


Theodore is good natured, treating the men under his command well. He is devoted to the White Knights and their views and ideals, putting honour, loyalty and truth above all else. He is also naive and narrow minded due to this, shocked that Sir Amik Varze would ask him to lie, and unwilling to comprehend other views that contradict his own. He is also willing to turn a blind eye if he does not need to intervene.

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