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Sir Tristram is the one of King Arthur's knights and is found on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of Camelot castle. Players must help him break out of jail in the King's Ransom quest.

Sir Tristram is the third of the Knights of the Round Table to appear in the Knight Waves training ground activity. His attacks will temporarily lower the player's Strength, Ranged and Magic levels.


  • During the King's Ransom quest, when locked in the prison cell, he is sitting on the ground and throwing some kind of hopping ball on the wall. This is reference to the 1962 film "The Great Escape", where Hilts is seen throwing a baseball against the floor and rebounding off the wall whilst locked in his prison cell.
  • He is based off the Knight of the Round Table named Sir Tristan, also known as Tristram.
  • Sir Tristram is the only Knight of the Round Table that uses a full face helmet.

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