Not to be confused with Sir Vey.

Sir Vey Lance is the head of operations of the Temple Knights and their second-in-command after Saradomin. According to Sir Tiffy Cashien, Sir Vey Lance is the only member of the Temple Knights to frequently interact with Saradomin himself, and supposedly all of the orders that Sir Vey gives are done with Saradomin's implicit permission.

His role as conduit for the god's orders used to be more important before the assassination of Guthix, but, since Guthix's death removed his Edicts which had prevented gods such as Saradomin from directly interfering with Gielinor, he no longer seems to fulfil this, although his other functions presumably remain.[1] For instance, Saradomin contacted Sir Amik Varze and, indirectly, Sir Owen during the Battle of Lumbridge to infiltrate the Black Knights' Fortress, rather than Vey.


  • Sir Vey Lance is a play on the word "surveillance". When his name is shortened, it also becomes a play on the word "survey".
  • Although never used in game, his proper title may be Grand Master.


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